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Aena awards the new cargo handling terminal at Ramp 7 of Madrid-Barajas to Andino Global

The Peruvian operator lands in Spain with a first-rate facility and a maximum built area of 3,900 m2.

Aena formally awards the new cargo handling terminal at Ramp 7 of Madrid-Barajas to Andino Global.

"MADRID. Following the top-tier cargo handling facilities awarded in the Ramp 7 area of the Air Cargo Center at Madrid-Barajas Airport to IAS Handling, Alaire, and WFS, airport manager Aena formally agreed on January 30th to award a fourth terminal to the Peruvian group specialized in maritime and airport services, Servicios Aeroportuarios Andino Global."

"In particular, we are referring to a platform with a total surface area of 10,241 square meters, with a maximum buildable area for the facility of 3,900 square meters. As outlined in the contract, it will be dedicated to the handling and/or self-handling of goods, as well as the storage, transport, and distribution of air cargo."

"The contract has been awarded for a period of 30 years, with a total fee of 14 million euros. The monthly fee starts at 27,548 euros in the first year and reaches 49,899 euros in the final year."

"The arrival of Andino Global at Barajas represents the entry of a new operator with a prominent presence in South America."


"Specifically, Airport Services Andino Global (SAAG) is a company integrated into the Andino Investment Holding group, owned by Andino Inversiones Global. Founded in 1972 as Cosmos Agencia Marítima and after creating the companies Neptunia and Triton Transports, in 2005, Andino Investments Holding was established to organize all investments in the logistics and airport sector. SAAG, a notable entity within this framework, provides ramp handling and cargo services at Lima Airport. In 2022, SAAG acquired 100% of Globalia Handling Mexico."

"Andino also participates in the company Aeropuertos Andinos de Perú, which manages the Peruvian airports of Arequipa, Ayacucho, Juliaca, Puerto Maldonado, and Tacna."

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